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3 type of facial contour surgery

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Today is the 17th day after surgery. As compared to the swelling experienced right after the surgery, my face is very much less swollen and smaller. However, the sides of my mouth still seem a bit puffed up. There is still swelling in many areas that needs to go down. Let me share some of my tips to reduce swelling. I would apply a warm mask to my face every night which relaxes my facial muscles. Every day, I would consume some job's tears and red bean drink which is diuretic and is known to relieve water retention. I would walk as much as I can, slowly, as if on a stroll. I can now open my jaws the size of one finger. I eat all kinds of noodles and rice noodles every day and I am not starving myself. I am extremely satisfied with everything. I went shopping yesterday with my girlfriend whom I have not met in a while and she said my face looks very chubby and cute. She also commented that I look way better than before. I was really happy. My facial expression is still somewhat unnatural but it is absolutely okay to meet strangers at this stage. No one will not suspect. If people ask me why my face look a little stiff, I will just tell them I have a toothache. I do not regret getting this surgery at all. When I look in the mirror as I was shopping, my face still appeared a little swollen but it definitely seemed much softer than before, and I felt much, much more confident! I am so grateful for everything.
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