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    Why MISOODA?
    Save precious time writing in to get quotes from clinics. Get the Best Prices at a glance with the Best Korean Plastic Specialists at MISOODA.
Our Mission
MISOODA aims to find the right price information for our clients through clearly informed promotions without extra cost.
    MISOODA is a government licensed Medical Tourism Corporation, developing, promoting, supporting and encouraging the art and science of Korean Aesthetic and Cosmetic surgery. Our resources are from the networks of Korea Medical Tourism Association, Korea Health Industry Development Institute and data base of medical providers.
What is doctor’s specialty, board?
How much experience does the doctor have for this type of surgery?
How often does the doctor do this surgery?
Is the cost reasonable? And what is included?
If there are complications, who is responsible and how to resolve?
If patients cancel the appointments will clinics refund deposits?
Do clinics recommend the right treatment or surgery for me?
How long is the surgery?
And what types of anesthesia and any expected side effects? Is post-surgery
pain bearable?
Are surgical instruments sterilized?
Are clinics legally foreign patient registered in Korea?If patients aren’t satisfied with the results, what can one do?
How is my surgery history recorded?
Do clinics engage in specialized coordinator, translator and consultant?