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EVERYTHING You Need to Know Before Having Lifting Surgery (Rhytidectomy)!

Want to look much younger ? How would you like to turn back the time looking young and refreshed? Let Misooda show you how!!


Face lifting is becoming so popular these days because these procedures aim to give a more youthful appearance to the face. It is the most definite method that recovers the elasticity of skin by improving the overall aging phenomena of the face. It can also remove deep creases around the mouth, nose and excess hanging skin and fat under the chin. Wrinkles are natural part of the aging process. As people get older, their skin gets thinner, drier, less elastic, and less able to protect itself from damage. This leads to wrinkles, creases and lines on the skin. Face lifting is fundamentally an operation for the improvement of the wrinkles. Since the aging conditions are different from every individual, we first engage in a diagnosis that will suit each individual by closely and accurately understanding the precedes. Thereafter, facial plane tissues (SMAS) are pulled up through a minimal incision along the contour of the ears. Face lifting operation time takes a relatively short operation time but the results will stay long because it is an operation that will leave a semi-permanent improvement on the wrinkles. Incision is minimal and delicate and therefore visible scarring is not easily seen.

*Operation time is about 2 hours and there will be hospitalization procedures according to the patient's condition. Stiches removal is done after 7 days post-surgery.



It is operation method that improves saggy eyes, periodical wrinkles, smile lines and cheek lifting. Drooping eyelids can cause discomfort with regards to not only aesthetically unpleasant but also functionally, drooping eyelids hinders the eye vision. Drooping eyes eventually creates forehead wrinkles because forehead muscles are forced to lift up the sleepy looking eyes. Temple lifting improves the function of droopy looking eyes and at the same time aesthetically improves the overall impression. Temple lifting is a surgical procedure that eliminates the drooping muscles of the temples through a very small incision at the hairline part. It pulls up the skin and corrects the wrinkles. The result not only improves the eye corners but also the deep folds at the nose with the cheek lifting effect. Deep wrinkles on the sides of eyes are difficult to eliminate with just an upper and lower eyelid operation alone. Temple lifting is a very popular surgery among young and middle aged women.

*Operation time is about 1 hour and there is no hospitalization required. 5 days recovery time.



This is one innovative face lift that is very convenient because it is a non incisional surgical procedure that helps tighten the face wrinkles by inserting dissolvable threads (PDO) into the skin layer of the skin without operation. Thread lifting is less invasive alternative to traditional face lift and is designed for people who are experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor facial sagging. Thread lifting is normally preferred by people who are in their 20s and 30s. Thread lift not only pulls up sagging skin but also stimulates collagen to promote elasticity and the improvement of the wrinkles. This procedure can see almost immediate effect and the recovery time is short. The operation time for thread lifting is very short with about 10-20 minutes using a special needle. Patient will be undergoing local anesthesia with less than 1 mm incision so there will be no scarring and minimal swelling. Thread lifting effect generally lasts 18 months to about 2 years!



This refers to three combined technology including fat removal, fat transplantation and lifting. It is an excellent surgical procedure for the improvement of sagging and getting rid of wrinkles. Powerful lifting effect is maintained and fast recovery is possible without any scarring. Triple lifting does not merely pull skin that is loosened. The effects that are similar to those of the facial lifting technique can be seen semi permanently by removing the facial planes (SMAS). It is a safe technique removing the wrinkles using an endoscope minimizing incision so as to minimize damage to the nerves, blood vessels, main tissues, etc.

*Operation takes 1 hour with sleep anesthesia, and there is no hospitalization required. 3 days recovery time.

Here is the dilemma: if a patient gets a perfect face lift, but for example ignores volume loss, aging eyes, aging skin tone, yes, the result is better but it is not complete. That is why for best and long lasting results, face lifting procedures should only be done with board certified experts combined by a number of carefully chosen ancillary procedures. In the right hands, this combined approach of face lift plus ancillary procedures also produces the most believable youth.