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Hello, everyone. This is my nose revision real review at Wannabe Plastic Surgery. I gotta tell you this that I underwent nose surgery beforehand because you guys can imagine of how my nose looked in your head. My nose before I never let go under a knife was short so I decided to have rhinoplasty at another clinic. However, the result didn't turn out well. The tip of nose became roundy and not pointy enough even after surgery. And more importantly, the proportion of my facial features got unbalanced. For those who experienced rhinoplasty once and concerns of having revision may already understand that this is the last chance literally once you start to look for a plastic surgery. Luckily, I found Wannabe Plastic Surgery after I searched many of other clinics information. Especially I learned that Dr. Cha Myung Kyu is highly skilled in rhinoplasty so without a hesitation I straight made an appointment and went to Wannabe Plastic Surgery. I had a consultation with Dr. Cha Myung Kyu in person and the Korean consultant was super nice and kind. They pointed out thoroughly what do I need to improve on my nose during consultation. I honestly felt relieve that finally I made a right choice to come Wannabe Plastic Surgery. What I did was called 3D rhinoplasty which is designed for short nose using septal and ear cartilage. The length of ear cartilage I needed for surgery was about 6mm. On the first day of my surgery, everything was okay except breathing through my nose due to cottons inside my nose. After a week later, you can remove the cast and stitches sutured on the external of nose. When it is about 2 weeks after surgery, yes! the stitches inside of your nose will be removed. There is a huge difference when the cast is attached on the nose or not. Now I like to take a picture of myself more than any other days back in the past. I love the way I look at present. Sooner or later I will upload with a month post operation review. Thank you for your time to read my review! Happy New Year.
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Two months later, I was perfectly fit.
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I want to see more of his before photos!!!!
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wow.. he looks amazing
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