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So its been one year since the surgery~ When consulting before going to surgery, I was a little worried if I really needed that surgery. do i really have a short chin? I had this idea. Certainly ...after seeing the pictures.. you can see the comparison. The best part of post-surgery surgery is when you lose fat on your face the biggest change is that you can tie your hair up at anytime. before when i had a square jaw and protruded cheekbones, I rarely tied my hair up Nowadays, I tend to keep my hair tied up. I've been working for a while now, but after the surgery I've got a new job. i get compliments on my eyes frequently I do not wear that much eye makeup but my eyes didnt loosen up and it is still very sharp the effect for both my procedures are quite clear, when you look at my nose from the side you can tell the mass difference they state that your nose will get low after the surgery, but I still do not feel that way for mine. When I see other people who got nose surgery they ask if my nose is okay,i tell that my nose is the same and hasnt changed lol My friends who had nose surgery, i could see a change in there nose. Some of my friends would have it tilt to one side more than the other and others would have there tip drooping downwards. It may vary from person to person and on which hospital you get it done at but i dont see any bad side effects for my surgery I think it will be much better if i lost some weight, but going on a diet is too hard lol One year ago or a year later, there is no change in my weight.. If you want to see a more effective result, they say that it is better to lose weight. The hardest thing is not only surgery, but also dieting!
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