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Its already been a couple years that passed since i got facial contouring surgery~ Time flies lol at the beginning i was thinking if i made the wrong decision Now i dont even have that thought lol the swelling keeps on getting better over time and my facial expression became more natural compared to the beginning after 1-2years after the surgery, the lines becames more visible The answer for everything is time .. Recently, I went back to the hospital after a long time because of Botox and the doctors, Nurses and all the staffs were amazed ^^ ;; that I changed a lot. I do agree ^^ ;; I also did lose weight lol Swelling, surgery, and perfect positioning, it is now the stage where i would be the prettiest i was worried about my cheeks sagging after the surgery so i asked, but they stated that they thought about the results and sagging after the surgery so during the procedure they made it so i wouldne have to worry about the sagging~~ I came back to the hospital and looked at my old pictures again. I really couldnt believe that was me lol I heard that i was pretty before the surgery but i am still glad that i got the surgery donw~ really the best medicine is time~~
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