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我的爱好是自拍但每当我编辑自己的照片时都觉得我不好看。 因为我的歪鼻,这弄得整张脸不对称使得我照镜子时有很大的压力。因为我常常编辑自己的照片,我意识到我脸上的缺点而决定做整形手术。 我通过社交网站了解了Topface整形手术并看到了他们的评论。他们有很多满意的顾客,所以我咨询并决定在这里接受手术。我以前因为自己的外表而感到很大的压力。现在我要感谢Topface整形手术帮助了我。
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I think my appearance has changed and my inner nature has changed too. I’ve always been stressed out with a complex, the habit of covering my face with my hands when I took a selfie is gone and changed to a confident attitude. I think, now I love myself more. Topface, thank you!
I liked taking photos, so I was stressed out before. I decided to get rid of my stress. I overcome stress by surgery. Whenever I take a selfie or look in the mirror I feel confident and pretty. I think it was a good decision to have surgery.
It feels like yesterday when I was worried about swelling. It's so nice that the nose looks natural.
Even my parents, who were worried at first, say that I am too pretty and they like the result more than me. I feel really great that my parents say I'm pretty!
I am satisfied with the result. I always recommend it to people around me with confidence. I am very satisfied! I'm happy that I can take a selfie from any angle!
I don't have to use Photoshop anymore to edit my photos! Before nose surgery, I used to edit my photos every time, but now it's so comfortable that I don't need it anymore.
I heard I look like a doll!! I feel so good. In the past, I used to walk with my head down because of my flat and crooked nose, but now I’m walking around with my head up!
I am getting used to my nose. I wanted natural-looking surgical result and when I saw my nose shape, I felt confident and satisfied. When others ask about surgery, I recommend them it with confidence.
I was so scared when they took out the splint and stitches, that I shed tears. I’m so happy to think that I can wear makeup now. I hope that the swelling will reduce quickly.