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Before Surgery: Despite the fact that I am a rather heavy bottom girl, I have a surprisingly flat upper body. However, my boyfriend thinks that I have a glamorous body instead of the body I have right now. What he doesn’t know is that I rely heavily on paddings inserted into my bras to give the illusion of a much more voluminous body. Now that we have wedding discussions underway, I know I can no longer hide the true reality of my chest, which leads me towards the surgery option. Right before surgery: After consultations with many different hospitals, I have finally decided to settle down with The Plastic Surgery hospital because they have a breast centre attached to them. And as the rumor goes, the nurses at The Plastic Surgery hospital were really kind as if they were run like a university hospital; safe, secure and advanced facilities. Right after surgery: I wasn’t able to tell anyone about my surgery and went ahead by myself to get my procedure done. I was very worried at first but my doctor assured me that everything was going to be alright. Even when I woke up from my anesthesia, I was awaken by a gentle voice asking if I was feeling all right and it turned out to be the doctor that calmed my nerves before the surgery
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Life after surgery: First thing I did after my breast enhancement is to get rid of all my bra paddings. Somehow, I cannot wait for summer since I feel more confident about my body now. Today, as I walk along the streets, I see girls envious of my shapely body, I cannot help but to smile to myself that I have made the right choice.
The results after a week were fantastic! I never thought that breast enhancements can look so natural! I used to have my stomach sticking out like an E.T. but after I did my boobs, somehow I think I look much slimmer. Doctor Ok gave me the right implant ratio to make my whole body look more balanced now. I am really impressed by his skills.
I went for the tear-drop breast implants through the armpit method. Initially, I was worried about possible scaring when one goes through breast enhancement but I was told that I could get my breast implants through the armpit method and I felt relieved. I really wanted to thank Doctor Ok from The Plastic Surgery hospital as I knew doing implants through the armpit method was particularly a difficult one.
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I like it! very natural looking!
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It looks good!
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