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Before surgery: I used to be really proud of my slender body before I became a mom, but after I gave birth, my body just got bigger and bigger. And as a new mom, I never found time to continue working out and I eventually just stopped caring for my body. Every time I look into the mirror, I feel depressed and wished for my old body to be back.
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Having liposuction was the greatest decision of my life. Not only do people around me complimented that I seemed a lot happier and brighter, I feel that I now work twice as hard in everything I do. Of course, I had a lot of support and encouragement from my husband who stood by me throughout the whole process which I am very thankful for. I sincerely want to thank Doctor Kim Su Cheol and the staff from The Plastic Surgery hospital for allowing me to regain my confidence.
The clothes that I have kept away after my pregnancy weight gain now not only fits me, but also felt a bit loose! You can never understand how amazed I was because words cannot describe the happiness I felt. If I knew the results would be this fantastic, I would have gone ahead and get liposuction done on me a lot earlier!
Before I went through whole body liposuction, I couldn’t imagine that I would someday be able to see my waistline. Even my legs look so much longer now that my thighs are a lot slimmer! Now I tend to go out with my child a lot more as my confidence increased due to my new found body.
Many friends warned me I need to take extra caution in the maintenance after the liposuction surgery. However, with the systematic and effective after care provided by the hospital, my swelling and bruises disappeared quickly. As I see my swelling go down slowly every day, I see the potential of getting my slim figure back gradually.
With post-natal depression and my weight gain, I discussed with my husband about my situation and decided to go ahead and get liposuction done. After you get liposuction done, you would have to wear a very tight compression garment around the liposuction areas and that is actually pretty cumbersome. But I was motivated in reverting back to my old self and smiled happily to myself.


Don't give up! But you look like a hot mama now!!
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I guess post natal depression can really make or break someone!
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Looks good!
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