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  • Surgery Category : Liposuction
  • Clinic name : Seoul 365mc
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  • Surgery date : Nov 18 2015
Hello, its my first review. beforehand, i want thanks to Misooda that make a way to me to start my new life. I used to be very fat and can only wear big size long clothes rather than short T-shirt to cover the abdomen fat. Friends around me always make fun of me because my fat. Especially guys do not treat me like a girl. I tried diet and did lose 6kg, but collapsed in the street through lack of nourishment. At thatperiod, I always had a pale complexion. A friend of mine introduced me Misooda to help me to choose the best hospital to get liposuction job done. After consultation i choose 365mc hospital a and also showed me the before and after pics. It was amazing and that girl really changed a lot! Then I made my mind to have the surgery for my whole body, thigh, arms and abdomen. Although the price in 365mc is not cheap even after great promotion deal from Misooda. xixixi But as the effect of surgery is permanently and I concerned safety as the first thing. Finally I chose 365mc hospital in Seoul Nat’l Uni. of Education Station. The fact turns out that this is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life! The doctor and nurses here are all very nice and told me an exclusive knowledge of liposuction surgery. In the operating room, except my surgeon, there was another old doctor who introduced himself as the sedation anaesthetist in 365mc. He gently told me to trust him and sleep. When I woke up, all surgeries were done. By the way, I had the arm+abdomen surgery at the 1st day and thigh lipo at the 2nd day
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Now is almost the 3rd recovery month after my surgery. I have to say 365mc is the most responsible hospital (the doctor also test their blood every morning before they start work). Now I have totally changed to a different appealing girl! In order to remember this moment, I took photos in the photo studio and would like to share with all you guys~! thank you to Misooda~ ^^
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