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Hansot Hansot

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My body type is the perfect example of lower body obesity. I am also the type who only gains weight in my thighs. Due to the line of my thighs, they are forever jutting out and no matter if what I wear I am never able to hide them. It made me so insecure, that I found myself always so fixated on it, thinking what others would think of my hideous thighs. Of course, there are people who managed to lose fats in thighs through exercising, but I’ve tried every exercise moves and it didn’t work for me so I guess in my case there isn’t really much that could help other than getting rid of it via liposuction. I did a lot of research and went all over places for consultation and finally decided on rovlavenue. My doctor was very understanding, he knew it wasn’t because I was lazy and didn’t do exercising that my thighs are the way they are, I was really thankful that he understood and didn’t make me feel embarrassed at all. I feel like I could trust Rovlavenue after having received a very thorough consultation and health-check ups.
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I was a size 66 before but now those clothings are big on me. It was important to maintain an active lifestyle after surgery so I tried to change mine by incorporating some jogging and exercising in my daily routine. I’ve heard so many stories about people re-gaining their confidence once their complex are no more, I too feel like I did a good job by undergoing thighs liposuction and now live each day with a thankful heart. I would also like to say a big thank you to my doctor who gave me such beautiful thighs.
I was able to walk like normal after surgery even though it did hurt a bit. Walking for 1 hour per day has also helped to speed up recovery. I thought my thighs would swell a lot after surgery, as my body type is the kind that gets bloated very easily too. However, they didn’t swell up as much as I’d expected. It was mainly my ankles and calves that were slightly swollen. The pain and swelling got worse after a few days but they didn’t last long. I was able to fully function like healthy person after a week or so. The aftercare treatment I received from the hospital was really helpful, I could feel the pain in my thighs alleviate a lot. It didn’t hurt as much when walking anymore and the swelling has gone down a lot.
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