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I am 164cm tall and used to weigh about 53kg. That was already the lightest I have ever been in my entire life. People would tell me all time ‘you look slim, why the need to diet?’ But truth is, its my flabby thighs that I was most insecure about. I really wanted to have a slim and slender body like most celebrities so I finally decided to undergo liposuction because I never seemed to lose those weight no matter how much I diet or exercise. Initially I also wanted to do a full-body liposuction, but my doctor advised me against it and suggested I should try thigh liposuction first. I decided to trust my doctor at rovlavenue as he promised he would give me the thighs I’ve always wanted, like those of celebrities and girl groups members. I’ve been told thigh liposuction would hurt a lot so naturally I was a little nervous and worried. Not sure if I have a high threshold of pain, but surprisingly it didn’t feel as painful as I expected. There was a slight stiffness and that was it. It was just going up and down the stairs that I found the most inconvenient. However, I am very satisfied now that I have got the figure I’ve always dreamed of. I even managed to reach my goal weight! Couldn’t be more thankful to my doctor at rovlavenue, thank you so much!!
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finally~!! It's 2 months and love the result~^^
it's a month after surgery~!! i have a confidence to wear short skirt :)
my thighs really look smaller than before. it's getting slimmer day by day. No need use compress wear for long time~
yeah~ even still lil bit swollen, but you can see the different on my thighs, right? it become smaller than before. I'm feel happy already ^^
the swollen still remain until a week after surgery. getting lesser, but still lil bit comfortable
my body still swollen and feel lil bit uncomfortable. But, It's not big problem,
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Your results are pretty good when at 2 months?
2017-04-07 00:00:00 0
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How come you didn't have much bruising? My friend had bad bruising for 2 months!
2017-03-25 00:00:00 0
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