Lower Body: Thigh Liposuction

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Someone once told me that my lower body is cursed. I became very self-conscious and wanted to do something about it since. I thought to myself 'I am still young, so I shouldn't just neglect my figure and leave it as it is.' It was then I finally made up my mind to undergo liposuction surgery. There are certain body areas that I can't do anything about due to inherited traits. Note: I have similar lower body type like my mum's. These are also areas that even exercising couldn't help. I've heard opinions about liposuction not being as effective for people who hardly exercise and have a big appetite, but that has only made me more determined to do the surgery. I couldn't help but envy kpop idols' slender legs each time I watch music shows, and hope that someday I'll have legs like them via thighs liposuction. I’ve also tried to diet many times as an attempt to get rid of those thigh fats during high school but to no avail. Therefore I hope to achieve a more prominent result via liposuction. I chose to trust rovlavenue and proceed with thigh liposuction because they gave me a very thorough consultation and detailed aftercare instructions. I didn’t have any major concerns before surgery as I thought no matter how the result was after it surely couldn’t be worse than before surgery. Even though it was clearly a lie when I said there wouldn’t be any hindrances to my day-to-day life, the recovery process wasn’t as tough as I thought. It was just a bit of inconvenience when I go to the bathroom, or each time when I put the thigh compression garment on and when I take them off. However, as my thigh circumferences shrunk with the passing of time, I feel like I didn’t mind all the inconvenience at all. I really felt the change after thigh liposuction. Everything fits so nicely on me, I can now buy clothes that I never have thought I would someday be able to wear. Most importantly, I don’t have to worry about stressing over buying clothes anymore! Also, hearing my friends tell me I look as if I have slimmed down a lot convinced me that undergoing thigh liposuction was the right decision made. It filled me with confidence after my doctor reassuring me, saying I could maintain this body for the rest of my life through exercising and a good diet. I had so much worries regarding my thighs before even though I am still in my early 20s. Now that I did thigh liposuction, my preconception against plastic surgery previously is all gone. I guess its true when they say, ‘you’ll never know until you try.’ I am so glad I can now live without having to hear about my lower body being a curse ever again.
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my last review are, i never regret to do liposuction. for some people who want do liposuction, just do. never waste your time to think something that you need do immediately ^^
because my thigh become slimmer than before, my body shape become more pretier in my thinks.
i love the result of liposuction surgery more and more
look the result, please~ only a months after surgery but i already having the shape looking forward for next month result ^^
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Compression pants should be worn for 24 hours at least a month immediately after surgery! But some clinics would advise up to 3 months if possible!
2017-04-05 00:45:36 0
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Do the bruising mostly go away on its own?? Or do you have to apply some sort of cream religiously everyday??
2016-05-12 00:00:00 0
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How long do you have to wear that compression pants for???
2016-04-28 00:00:00 0
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Omg looks really painful but I guess its all worth it!
2016-03-19 00:00:00 0
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