Hipline & Thigh Liposuction

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Hello, I am a student in women’s university. Ever since I entered college, I started drinking a lot, and gained so much weight to a point I didn’t know what to do with myself, especially my thighs. Standing at only 160cm, I was 60kg at that point of time. I used to think liposuction is a major surgery and is only meant for celebrities, but my friend told me not to hesitate and said it would be better for me to do it before the start of school semester. I happened to stumble across Rovl avenue when researching on hospitals, and my friend, who knows a lot about plastic surgery, recommended me a doctor from the well-known 365mc hospital who specializes in liposuction. Without much thoughts, I went to Seoul for consultation and eventually decided to proceed with liposuction. I decided to do liposuction before the school semester as I was worried it would be inconvenient but it all seemed like I had worried for nothing, I was able to run after a week or so, it was just donning the compression garment that was uncomfortable to me. My doctor said I just needed to wear them for a month but I decided to wear them for about 2 months instead. My friends commented that I lost a lot of weight when they saw me during the start of semester, they were wondering what sort of diet I was on during vacation. Ever since the surgery, I have always been in a good mood for no particular reason, but more importantly, I am now able to wear whatever I once hoped I could wear. My legs now look longer than before as well since I did hipline liposuction. After seeing such great results for thighs, I am also tempted to do calf and abdomen liposuction. For those who are bottom heavy like me, I really recommend doing liposuction, it is truly the answer and I am sure you’ll be satisfied with the results like I did!
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yahooo~~!! i love the result of this surgery
it's 3 months, and i become more confident~ ^^
it's just a month after surgery. and my thighs become smaller day by day.
this pics are pics before i did liposuction on my thighs
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