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My double chin and cheek fat have always been the biggest concern of my face. I’ve tried various sorts of injections but the results were insignificant. Out of all the places I researched, I was most satisfied with rovlavenue, especially during consultation they were the one I feel like I could trust most. My doctor went the extra mile by giving me a very detailed explanation, did an ultrasonic to study my problematic areas then explained to me in a very detailed and orderly manner so I eventually decided to do liposuction with them. The nurses who attended to my aftercare surgery were also very nice. Honestly I thought liposuction would swell and hurt a lot after but to my surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. I was able to go through my daily routine without hindrance. and many friends I haven’t seen in a long time were all asking me how I’ve lost so much weight and gotten prettier. I was so happy I could fly!! I really recommend face liposuction to others who need it as much as I did! The recovery process didn’t take that long and even though I had to stress about which hospital to choose and how I would look like after, it was worth every of it!
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my face became smaller without big surgery done. it's only face liposuction ^^
face liposuction are really good to removed the fat on my face.
People at my workplace couldn’t even tell if I hadn’t told them I had things done!! I was more happy than anything that my post surgery result was so natural! I actually attended a friend’s wedding, which was about 10 days after surgery
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