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Face (Double chin) I have always been quite fleshy on my face, but my double chin especially bothered me so much to a point I was stressing over it. Even on hot summer days I would without a doubt try to conceal my face with my hair as I didn’t want my face to look big in pictures. My double chin makes my face look big, my face shape belongs to those that its almost impossible to find my jawline. To make things worse, my double chin became more prominent after I gained some weight, so I decided that it can’t go on like this and finally made up my mind to do face liposuction. Through a friend’s recommendation I decided to choose Rovl avenue, I appreciated the fact that the doctor was very honest and gave a very detailed analysis. It made me feel like I could trust Rovl avenue. Many of my friends were also shocked by how severe my double chin was, and were even more shocked after I’d done face liposuction, they wouldn’t stop asking me where’d those flesh disappeared to! I could imagine their excitement, even I was very excited myself. For the first time I could finally see my jawline!!! Many people also told me my face has gotten a lot smaller. I really like my new face, there are balance and proportion now that those extra flesh have been gotten rid of. I now exude a different vibe and others’ impression of me is no longer dull but bright and clear and pictures of me come out well too! I immediately resumed to daily life after surgery, most couldn’t even tell I’ve had things done as there were not a lot of swellings and bruises in my case. I have been wearing a band religiously as my doctor said wearing one would help with skin elasticity and also defining the jaw line. Nowadays I can tie up my hair without feeling self-conscious anymore! I could never have imagined this day to come, to be able to feel confident about myself again, I feel so happy everyday! Abdomen, thighs liposuction I gained 10kg within a year. My body was the slender type before I gained all that weight, except for my legs. I had thick calves due to muscles and they made my legs look like that of a man, and despite my slender build, I seriously thought of doing thighs liposuction and because of the sudden weight gain especially, my calves got thicker and belly also started to come out. I couldn’t wear a lot of my clothes with my belly sticking out, that was when I finally decided to do abdomen and thigh liposuction. When choosing a hospital, I really wanted one that could give me beautiful legs and waistline, and then I came upon Rovlavenue. It was miserable for the first three days after surgery, movements were restricted and I also experienced some pain but after that it got a lot better. I could slowly move about, and time also passed faster as I started taking walks, and receiving aftercare treatments at the hospital diligently. My recovery process was rather a smooth-sailing one. I am very happy to have undergone liposuction. My once muscular thighs have now become feminine, my belly doesn’t stick out anymore and my old clothes fit nicely on me now. My friends were all amazed by how I look now and they all keep saying they want to do liposuction too. It felt really good to get the waistline I once lost back, I couldn’t thank my doctor enough in helping me to achieve this body. Ever since after surgery, I will keep working hard to maintain my figure.
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3rd months after surgery~
2nd months after my surgery
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