Scarless Smooth Face Line with Endoscopic Face Contouring by Romian

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  • Surgery Category : Facial Contouring
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  • Surgery date : May 11 2016
Hello~ its my first time to write a review. I'm Lerian from Vietnam.. I have problem with my square jaw. no matter how looks good i did makeup, but when i took a pics, my face became square face. i hate it. after all research and i gathered all encourage, i decide to do jaw reduction surgery. but the problem is, i didnt kknow how to speak korean and where is the best place to do jaw reduction surgery. because i dont want waste my money and make a mess on my face. After all research, i found Misooda and on their website, I found that Romian have promotion and after consultation with Misooda's staff, they said that Romian are good for facial contouring. Short Story, I decide to get Surgery through Misooda on Romian Plastic Surgery. I did direct consultation and the result was really GREAT!!
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Hi~ I'm Back. Now almost 3 months after i did surgery. i love that result so much. i would like to recomend Romian to do Facial Contouring Surgery through Misooda. Thank you Misooda and Romian~~^^
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