Revision Rhinoplasty, Fat graft, Thread lifting changed my life!

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Hello! I have always wanted to go to Korea to do the plastic surgery but every time I wrote in to the clinic, I always got quoted very high due to my revision nose surgery. I’m glad that I got to know MISOODA and found a reasonable price with a suitable doctor and clinic at the same time. Now, it’s almost 10 months since I had my revision surgery and in two months’ time, I will re-visit the clinic for my one year checkup.
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I also finished my 2nd session of fat graft and I am very satisfied with the follow ups with both the doctor and consultant who took care of me. Time heals all wounds, so my advice to people is to be a little more patient and then you will transform into a pretty swan. All the best!
I did 3 procedures, nose revision, fat graft and blue rose thread lifting. The swelling on the nose lasted quite a long time since it was a secondary surgery. However, it was well worth it because now I am actually told that my nose is very pretty!


sooooooo Pretty!!!
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Your face is soooooo small!!
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I agree!! you look so pretty now!
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Hello, I must say that you really have a very pretty nose after the procedure. Can I know which clinic did you went to? And also which doctor did the procedure for you? As I had flat nose bridge myself, I really hope to have a good rhinoplasty procedure done to have a pretty nose as you have! Going through your review and see that you are totally satisfied with the whole procedure and also prices, place, environment and others are of good comments make me even more excited!
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