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The typical Asian eyes

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After 4 months
It’s now about 3 months after my surgery; people around me tell me that I made the right choice in doing the surgery and how good my nose has turned out. I think I made the right choice in choosing NANA. Thank you to the doctor!
Those that I meet for the first time don’t think I had surgery I think but friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while think I’ve lost weight and that I’ve become more handsome.
Here’s 3 weeks after and 1 month after photos
It’s been nearly 2 weeks after my surgery to my eyes and second nose surgery. Before, the implant shifted making my nose look bent to the right so decided to have my nose again. My eyes were the typical Asian eyes or a button eyes; it didn’t stand out and wasn’t that big either so I decided to do my eyes together. Here’s 4 days after; 10 days after; 2 weeks after