Facial Contour No regret!

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Since it’s a bone surgery, I was so scared and worried so my recovery would be and how things would turn out. Thinking back, worries were useless things; I’m so happy and really grateful.
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Don’t feel any discomfort now; really confident with myself and I cannot stop taking selfies XD
Day after day I kept hearing that my face has become much slimmer and my appearance has softened up. I started eating normal food after 2 weeks but there were times when biting were awkward. Pain and other discomfort has gotten better a lot, just waiting for my face to slim down more~
I cannot stop looking at myself through the mirror; I don’t feel pain and so surprised that I’ve recovered this fast.
Just so sad that I can’t wear makeup yet but every day the swelling is different which made me look funny. Really wish swelling would go down faster!


oh my gosh, loving it! did you only get the v line?
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