Double Eyelid + Rhinoplasty + Fat Graft + Facial Contour

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I could say I had a rough face, not really as feminine nor as problematic that I was stressed but I knew my features could be improved so decided to have surgery. Right now I’m so happy the way everything has turned out and couldn’t imagen that I could look like this!
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Friends that I haven’t seen for long time has been commenting on how beautiful I’ve become. They keep asking me about what makeup brand I use; skin care routine; etc. I can’t hind how much I’m in love with my results and so grateful to NANA Plastic Surgery.
Don’t see any swelling~ but if I was to comment, then there is a slight discomfort to my chin area; I did feel slight tingle until recently but not to a point where I should be concerned. Everyone is telling me how much prettier I’ve become and my confidence is over the moon!
It’s now 1 month after my surgery; I read that for others swelling right after surgery takes long time to go away and small swelling takes extra long but for me I don’t’ see any swelling. It’s so true that how everyones recovery is different.
I don’t know how my days are passing by; thinking have I done too much in one go? But then I don’t think I have that much swelling to start with and don’t feel pain too much either