Double Eyelid + Rhinoplasty + Fat Graft

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I did hump rhinoplasty, non incision double eyelid and fat graft. I looked dull and everyone was little afraid to approach me before the surgery. Now that I have more softer appearance, I’m more confident and I cannot stop taking selfies >.<
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I cannot believe my eyes! My eyes and nose are all pretty; my friends are telling me that they like how my nose turned out and how they also want to have surgery done. Forehead and chin fat grafts are still going strong; I really like my side profile!
Now that it’s over 3 weeks, everything looks natural; I don’t see any swelling either but my nose still looks slightly big. There isn’t any discomfort in everyday routine but I’m still careful when I sleep. Recently I saw my before photo and WOW! The result it amazing!
After 2 weeks, most of the bruises has gone and I’ve started to wear makeup XD I’m so happy that my profile has improved and my friends envy me now
Little worried as swelling hasn’t gone down a lot but finally got my bandages off! Tapes were irritating and was getting itchy around my cheeks; my friends were telling me that I’d look more prettier when my swellings gone down. I can’t wait!