Asymmetric eyes, hooked nose, manly impression

sujin sujin

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My eyes were extremely asymmetric and awkward shaped with hooked nose that gave me manly impression. I even tried injecting fillers but it was only temporary and could not correct the shape of my nose. After the surgery I now have pretty eyes that appear perfect open, closed, with or without make up on it. I even forgot that I used to have hooked nose. With additional grafted fat to create balanced three dimensional effect, I feel younger and more vivid than I ever have. I truly thank my medical director for his detailed consulting that allowed me to have faith in this surgery. Love love from bottom of my heart!!
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WOW! So Sexy!!!
2017-02-07 00:00:00 0
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Looks good!
2017-01-24 00:00:00 0
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The change is fantastic!
2017-01-17 00:00:00 0
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2017-01-03 00:00:00 0
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