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I found Misooda having a promotion with Mega Plastic Surgery along with my other friend for consultation regarding my mouth, whereby I wanted fillers to make it more full and when I smile, my smile goes up and not straight. I had consultation with the doctors, and it was recommended, procedures done were chin fillers (with a surprisingl good effect!) , lower lip ea botox and upperlip corner fillers to give the effect of a upward smile. Also the doctor recommended chin fillers, which I did not think about at first but having done it now, I can say it has changed my life. Immediately after consultation, my lips and chin were applied numbing cream. During the procedure, I was offered a bear to hold on in case of pain. When injecting the fillers and botox, the pain was tolerable and it was a quick and breezy process. My bottom face was numb afterwards, but the results was very obvious especially on my chin. It made my face look longer and slimmer, my mouth was fuller when I smiled it was a subtle natural look. I had a hard time moving my mouth, but gradually it got easier by the end of the day. Overall, I am very pleased with the results, it is very natural yet there is a definite difference. Without the help of Misooda, I couldn't imagine communicating with the Korean doctors to express my desired results. Also, They was quick to respond to any doubts and questions before and after the procedure, and it was very easy to get a last minute appointment as Misooda has many connections with various clinics.
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Swelling is gone, and more importantly I can move my mouth freely. I was worried at first with regards to my facial expressions, but it's back to normal now, and the needles marks are healing nicely. And I am still in love with my new chin ❤️
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