Nose Revision Surgery!

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My short nose was bothering me forever. So I’ve finally decided to have nose surgery done but that didn’t change much. It raised my nose bridge but because the tip was upwards, it even looked shorter than before surgery. I had so much stress to hear people around me saying “Did you really have the surgery?” or”You must have another surgery for your nose” Probably, I didn’t search for the place more carefully since I was only a high school student. I was afraid to decide because I heard a lot of complication about revision nose surgery, and it must be much harder than the first surgery for me. But I had my friend recommended JK Clinic who had nose and facial bone contouring surgery here. I really liked her surgery result and thought that it was also very natural. So I’ve decided to have a consultation with Dr. Kim Sung Sik. I was a little nervous, but also excited. When I came into the building, it was just breathtaking. I felt I was in a hotel not at a hospital. Not only that, their service was amazing. I met Dr.Kim Sung Sik after I had pre-consultation with my consultant. Dr.Kim said my nose tip is upwards, and bridge is too high so it looks shorter than it should be. He recommended me to lower the nose bridge and extend length of the tip by using my own cartilage to make it longer. I strongly trusted Dr.Kim because he exactly pointed out my concern and he knows how to solve the problem. I’ve been to other clinics, but I directly chose JK because their system was a lot more advanced, also Dr.Kim seemed very honest for what he can do for my nose. I wanted to see the mirror so much as soon as I woke up. I was so curious about the result but still feeling dizzy and worried at the same time. There wasn’t so much swelling or pain, but it was a little uncomfortable to keep the packing inside of nostril. It was hard for me to breathe through my mouth. I think it was the most difficult part. I was at the recovery room until I feel better. They also had nurses stand by and assisted me till I was discharged. I was relieved by their assistance, The swelling became much till second and third day. I heard it will reach maximum by that time, but I had more swelling. I guess it was because of secondary surgery. I heard pumpkin is the best for reducing the swelling but I think walking is more healthy and effective way. So I walked hard after breakfast, lunch and dinner about 1 hour each. After I had the surgery, I looked into the mirror many times. I felt the recovery is too slow and took selfies every day for record. I didn’t realize at that time but after time passed the swelling reduced and the shape got better. The second day after the surgery, the packing in my nose was removed. After one week of the surgery, I had stitch out and felt much better. At the follow up, the doctor said the shape will be prettier when the swelling will reduce more and I felt relief. About two weeks later, my colleges and friends said I look more natural. I felt great when I heard my face looks smaller and has three-dimensional effect because of the nose. I’m happy to hear compliment of my nose which was my complex. Now I changed my mind that my nose is attractive, not a complex anymore. I take lots of selfies of my profile and I gained confidence when I take photos with my friends or meet other people. I was worried because it was reoperation but it turns out to be a great result so I think I made an excellent choice. Every day, the swelling reduced gradually and whenever the shape showed up clearly, I get excited. Day after day is full with my happiness. After 2 month later, because it was a reoperation, there was too much of swelling so I got a nickname called “Fatty Nose” But you know time heals everything. As time passes, there was few swelling and the line of my nose got sharper. Because it was a reoperation, I was worried if people easily recognize of my surgery. Fortunately, people around me don’t know that I got a surgery and just say that my image is little different. When I met the doctor at the second month for the follow up, he said the nose line will become more define after the rest of the swelling is gone. I’m really excited and I think I made a great choice taking the surgery.
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This is my 5th months after my surgery. i get my confidence and i feel happier than before~^^
4 months after the surgery
3 months after the surgery
After 2 month later, because it was a reoperation, there was too much of swelling so I got a nickname called “Fatty Nose” But you know time heals everything. As time passes, there was few swelling and the line of my nose got sharper.
One week after the surgery
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Wow your nose turned out sooo pretty!
2017-01-28 00:00:00 0
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You did well girl!!
2016-12-15 00:00:00 0
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Yes, revision surgery always makes nervous due to trauma from the primary surgery. Good for you!
2016-11-30 00:00:00 0
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