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I was not a full 75 B cup before I got married. But after I breastfeed my child, my breast size got even smaller. After I breastfeed my first child, my breast change to A cup from B cup. I was desperate and after breastfeeding my second child, my breast became an AAA cup. My nipples were pointing down because my kids sucked it too much. In summer, it’s uncomfortable that the sweat flows down through the cleavage because of the padded bra. Also I was embarrassed to go to a swimming pool or a sauna. My husband teased me over my breast saying the look like a grandma’s breast. I was shocked and I eventually cried. There was no confidence of myself as a woman, only a mom. So marital problems happened and depression occurred. I decided to take breast augmentation surgery and my husband admitted it easily. So I started to have consultations. After I checked some places with the facilities, doctor’s skills, and the follow up, JK Medical Center which was the great place with no medical accident for 20 years. I saw many medical accidents from plastic surgery in the newspaper so I was afraid of taking a surgery because I don’t want my kids to have no mom. At the first floor, I met my coordinator, got a drink and went up to the 2nd floor for the consultation. After that, I met a doctor. It was quite embarrassing and I hesitated to show my breast to another man but it was ok because he was a doctor. Not only my breast size is AAA but also it was sagging. I decided to do the tear drop shape and 275cc after measuring my body size. But when I went back home I thought I should said a bigger size for my breast. There’s no limit to people’s greed even though it will be too much to my body. I took the blood test and EKG because I was to do the general anesthesia. After the examination, I was looking forward to the surgery day and read some reviews expecting better breast I will have. On the day of the surgery, the doctor designed on my breast and I told him once again that I want it bigger than now. The anesthetist came in and I got asleep. When I woke up, my breast was wrapped by a bandage and the doctor said the surgery ended well. I was recovered in the recovery room and spent one night in JK. It was interesting that I thought it will be very painful after the anesthesia wears off, but it didn’t hurt at all. I ate porridge for dinner and slept on the bed with 45 degrees angle.
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i really satisfied with the result of my breast. i have a confidence now. ^^
I bought lots of tight clothes and I want summer to come soon to wear these clothes. Finally I threw away all of padded bras JK’s follow up treatment was great and I was so satisfied with the result. So I want to recommend to the people that this is not a terrible surgery, it’s a best surgery that gains your confidence. Now I can go to a sauna confidently. I went to a water amusement park wearing a bikini. There is no intimidated of myself anymore but full confidence of myself.
Before the surgery, my breast was totally flat. I was 160cm, 47kg, 76cm and 80cm of my lower and upper bust size. But after I took off the bandage and measured my breast, the lower and upper bust size was 72cm and 84cm. At the follow up, the doctor said when the upper swelling will naturally come down, my breast will be prettier. The doctor asked me “Was it painful after the surgery?” and I answered it wasn’t painful at all. He said it was because of his great skill. There was full of laughter in the room. I purchased some bras and 70 D or 70C perfectly fits on me. I’m so happy that I have a C cup breast. My husband said he should have let me taken the surgery faster because I’m so satisfied with my breast whenever I look in the mirror. The texture got better after one month and I’m satisfied when I touch my breast. After my confidence increased, there is no marital problem anymore and I fell into buying bras. Now I don’t remember my original appearance and it seems like my breast that I have now is my original breast.
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I should try JK, too!
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Great job!
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