Eye, Nose, Micro Fat Grafting in korea

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My appearance changes and therefore my mind changes a lot. I am so glad I made that decision and to all those out there who are still hesitating, please take that step and live life to the fullest!
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Three months later, I received a second fat transplant. I didn't want to top up like how women do it, so I asked the doctor to make it as natural as possible. It was a difficult decision for men to do cosmetic surgery since its less common than women having surgery. Now I understand why male entertainers only fix it a little. I went to other hospitals for consultation before and I think Jewelry clinic is really the best!
After a few months, I totally forgotten my surgery and lived my life as usual. I was at first worried that my life won't go back to usual due to surgery but I was proven otherwise. I used to hear comments that I don't look like a man since I had a slim face but things changed after my surgery.
It has been over a month since the surgery. At first, I kind of regretted the operation. But as the swelling reduced and the surgical site seemed more natural, people around me began to praise how nice I looked and that I felt that I didn't make a wrong decision. Post surgery, I was told to walk more to reduce swelling. I took pictures to monitor my progress and was surprised to find out how many times I actually looked into the mirror. I was super self conscious!
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