Rhinoplasty and lovely results!

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I have been reading many reviews on Korean rhinoplasty and fat grafting. And now it's my turn to share to those who are keen with Korean plastic surgery. What I like about Item plastic surgery is that they never recommend procedures that are not necessary. My facial line from the forehead to the beginning of the nose was pretty flat and uneven so I was recommended fat grafting. I had my surgery done the next day after consult and didn't have to stay overnight. My nose had some bleeding but was told that it was completely normal. The gauze below my nose was removed after 2 days but the area under my eyes were red. I was given a cold pack to soothe the area. On the 5th day, some swelling was gone and I could see a smaller tip and no more hump. Walking was encouraged so I went shopping wearing a mask to avoid stares. I removed sutures on the 7th day.
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After 10 days I felt my tip looked natural, together with my fat grafting , I just felt different about myself. I also received many compliments at work and that gave me a lot more confidence.
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Missy Sera

Queenie, I think she mentioned Item PS? <br>
2017-01-06 08:05:47 0
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Based on your testimony, you're perfectly changed ! I really want to do rhinoplasty also because my nose looks the same as yours before. And I'm kinda feel not confident. Every day I do my makeup such as countouring particularly on my nose that made him look sharp and clear. but it takes a lot of time and moreover it does not look natural. After seeing the results of nose surgery of yours, I have passion to do rhynoplasty immediately.
2017-01-02 10:02:29 0
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Very natural looking effect as per photos posted by reviewer! Great to see Five stars ratings to Explanations by doctor, Prices and Overall Satisfaction for the procedure done.. The recovery period also seemed quite fast and also well. Contours also turns out well and overall made the reviewer looked elegant. May I know which clinic was the surgery done at?
2016-12-26 04:33:04 0
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I also had flat and button-like nose (some people call) myself! Oh my how depressing it is, not able to wear specs that will be able to stay in place, keeps on sliding down my nose and made me looked like a granny in storybooks. I had also read up a lot about rhinoplasty and honestly, extremely interested to try out one day when I go over to Korea. I will enquire more when I had fixed my travel dates soon! Bye bye flat nose!
2016-12-23 08:42:32 0
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谢谢~ 欢迎咨询!
2016-12-22 03:09:53 0
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wang xuetian

2016-12-13 06:43:03 0
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