Recent Surgery done in Summer 2016 - Eyes, Nose, Full face fat grafting

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Hello, I finished my surgery three months ago and would like to share my photos. I had double eyelids, nose, fat grafting and facial fat liposuction. I swelled like a pig after the surgery for 4-5 days and I was so worried that I could not recover.
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After a week or two, most swelling went down and I really liked my fat grafting. It was evenly spread out on my forehead and cheeks area unlike people talking about how fat grafting makes our faces bumpy and uneven. My nose turned out slim and cute which was a change in my previous round tip! I could not open my eyes without raising my eyebrows previously, but after double eyelid surgery, my eyes look sexier and I do not need to raise my eyebrows while doing that. I did not even know I had such a habit until the doctor pointed out! No more sticky eye tapes and heavy makeup, and I walk around now with more confidence and self-esteem! Thumbs Up!!
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Wow the transformation was totally awesome! Especially the double eyelids.. they were so natural looking! Yes I had googled about plastic surgeries procedures and seemed that swelling and bruising are inevitable. It would take some time for the face or body part to be back to normal looking, thus do not worry too much! Very well done procedures!
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