Eyes, Nose and Fat-grafting

hyela hyela

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I was already very annoyed by the moles around my eyes, nose ever since I was a kid. Everything is worst because I have no volume around my forehead area. Whenever I look down, you can obviously see that I have hooded eyelids and this caused me to appear very tired and also my eyes look rather small. Because of my hooded eyelids, I can’t attempt the smoky eyeshadow look that I’ve always wanted to try. I was often made fun because of the way I looked. Some of my friends said I look like a transgender.. Even more so especially when I have black hair. When I hear that, I sometimes do see the resemblance and started to hate looking into the mirror. I look forward to erase my discomfort and can’t wait for the surgery to take place.
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Nowadays, Im totally into taking selfies of myself. Hehe. No matter what angle I take pictures from, the pictures just turn out so well!! Seriously, I don’t think I even need to photoshop my pictures anymore! I feel like I have reborn into a pretty being and I really want to thank my doctor for that! Now I don’t even to pile on my makeup when I go out and I am able to pull off the natural makeup look. Remember that I have to put on heavy makeup when I went out before I did my surgery, therefore, this is a great improvement. All my relatives complimented me that I look so natural and seemed like I just “got prettier”. Now my aunt is contemplating if she should get some form of surgery done.
The doctor mentioned that I should exercise more to make sure that my swelling go down faster and I have been diligently walking around my neighbourhood with my boyfriend’s support. Maybe that is why my swelling really is going down a lot faster as compared to my other friends who have had work done as well. At first I was shocked and thought that my nose was raised a lot higher then I want but after the swelling went down a little, I realized that it was the swelling that caused my nose to look higher than normal. My nose is starting to look more and more natural and im happy about it!
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