Double eyelids, Nose and V-line (Genio + Jaw)

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Hi, I am sharing my before after photos here. What bothered me most were my nose and my jaw area. I used to have double eyelids but now that I have aged a little, it is starting to look like single eyelid.s. I had 3 procedures done: Double eyelids, nose and V line (Genio + Jaw). I have photos on Day 7 and Day 14. My chin was still swollen so I could not laugh naturally but after a month or so, I could feel a little chin sensation coming back. It feels like a really long time though! Consultant told me that normally it takes 3-6 months minimum to complete the swelling so I have to be more patient. And I heard that people who are chubby will actually take a longer time to reduce swelling.
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The last photos are about 3 months after surgery. I think I look classier than before and sometimes I even hear praises that my plastic surgery went really well! Now I look good in any hairstyle with a more contoured face line. I hope this gives others out there more courage in doing Korean plastic surgery.
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thanks for your sharing! your result is perfectly awesome especially for double eyelid surgery. I do the same with you that I have just only single eyelid on my eyes. The same as in all the people generally, I also want the same appearance as a bright skin, small nose, eyes belo with double eyelids, and a small face with the jaw and chin forming the letter 'V'. Plastic surgery in Korea is already generating a lot of beautiful women but it is still not without any risk result and that's a plus !
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