Jaw Reduction, Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation in Korea

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Hi everyone, I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I first came across MISOODA when I was looking online for realiable plastic surgery clinics in Korea. I found out that MISOODA offered varieties of interesting packages such as 100% payment or 50% sponsorship deals at some of most reputable clinics in Korea. I did some research on internet discussion forums and all I had to say are good things about MISOODA. I would like to share my experience with Image Up plastic surgery clinic in gangnam, seoul. I did breast augmentation, facial contouring (zygoma), jaw line shaving, genioplasty, fat grafting on my face, and rhinoplasty surgery- all done on a same day by Dr. Kim. Two months prior to the surgery, I flew to seoul to visit the clinic for consultation and scheduling. I was welcomed by the clinic's friendly staff who could speak Korean, English or Chinese. There was no communication issue or whatsoever. They were very well-informed and professional during the entire consultation process and were willing to answer all my enquiries with patience. After studying and analyzing my body and facial features, they carefully explained the required surgical procedures in detail, and eliminated the ones not necessary. At no point during the consultation did they try to hard-sell or persuade me to acquire unnecessary procedures. After the consultation and discussion, I decided to come back to the clinic the next day to schedule my surgery. We made an arrangement to get the surgery done in July 2017. One day before my surgery, I came to the clinic to get my blood test and body check-up done. Also, I was asked to fast for a minimum of 12 hours prior to the surgery. No drinking and no eating. I was a little nervous and worried initially as this was my first major cosmetic surgery but surprisingly, i managed to get a good sleep, which was vital when the night came. The results came out the next day and I was cleared to go ahead with the surgery.
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Hello everyone ! Today is exactly one year after i had my surgery. Twelve months might not seem like a long time but it felt like a distant past to me because the recovery period was short and smooth. I like my new facial features a lot and they look even more natural with time, not to mention the breasts augmentation which compliment my body figure really well. My nose, facial contouring , breast augmentation have fully recovered and i do not feel any pain anymore. Even though the scars on my breasts are still visible but they fading, slowly but surely, as it takes time. Whenever I walk down the beach in bikinis, i receive a lot of attention and compliments from people around, men & women, which gives me such a confidence boost. Also nowadays when I go out I don’t have to put on much make up, just light a make up will do. It saves me so much time n effort. It allows my skin to breathe better which makes it healthier. I could never do this prior to the surgery. After some of my friends and colleagues found out about the surgery, they were really surprised how natural i look. Many of them have asked me where i had the surgery done and consulted me about plastic surgery after they found out. I recommended MISOODA & image up to them without second thoughts. Not only am i very satisfied with the result of the surgery, i am also very impressed with all their services and hospitality throughout the entire process. In fact, up until today, one year later, i still get follow ups from them, by texts and calls, asking me about my conditions. Professional, caring, and quality - if i had to decribe them with 3 words. The surgery was the biggest decision in my life, as most people would find it. And on this day, i will tell you it was also the greatest decision i made in my life, all thanks to Misooda who helped me in my great great deals and Image Up of course!!!
Finally its 6 months after i did my surgeries! Never regretted choosing Misooda & Image Up for giving me a pretty face n body (: The recovery process on my face was fast and my breasts feel really natural as if part of my body. Currently i have a pair of 32C cup breasts and i am very satisfied with the size. From A to C is a real dream come true! No complications no side effects and they are very comfortable as if my real breasts! I have absolutely no problem wearing bikinis to the beach or sports bra to the gym now. I love the way I look and everyone has been complimenting me a lot! My nose looks and feels very natural too. I have absolutely no qualms about Image Up clinic and my beloved doctor Kim, head of Image Up clinic. I should be going back to have my post surgery check up in about 2 months. Misooda made all these possible for a foreigner like me who can't read Korean with a limited surgery budget. They provided the utmost professional services and clinic transparency for people who don't know anything about Korean Plastic Surgery. Thank you!
4-5 months post surgery and everyone is complimenting my facial features as they look really natural day by day. I can feel numbness on my face going away which is great. My nose is no longer swollen and the stitching scar has completely disappeared. I had just returned from a trip to Hawaii and i had no problem flaunting my figures in bikinis. The scars below my breasts are still there but they are not visible under the bikini tops and are slowly fading away. My breasts look natural and bouncy, yet not saggy. I began to notice, with my new facial and body features, i am getting more attention and compliments than before. That really boosts up my confidence and i get to feel sexy again. I had no problem doing physical activities like swimming or cycling and i didnt not experience any discomfort.
Its my 60th day post-op(2 months) and i'm in gold coast at the moment and i can finally put on my bikinis with full confidence without wearing push up bras or any kind of enhancement product! the recovery on my breast area is fast - the scars are fading and looking less visible day by day. My jaw area still feels a little tight but that takes some time to recover and I'm not at all worried!
Today marks the 30th day after my surgery. The past month has been quite a journey but I am very glad i can now chew properly and that i no longer have to be on a soft food diet. I have been eating rice and meat since a week ago. Furthermore, I have been doing some light exercises like running without feeling any discomfort or pain. The scars on my breasts area are still visible but slowly fading away. Although my chin is still slightly swollen as expected, my nose looks normal and natural now and i must say i am totally in love with it!
Today I am finally heading back to Malaysia - 14 days after surgery because i could only remove the stitches on my breasts and in my mouth after a fortnight. As planned, I had the stitches removed. Surprisingly, my breasts did not hurt during the removal process so i thought it would be the same for my mouth. Wrong. It was so painful that i teared when they were removing the stitches in my mouth. I would say that was the most painful part, even more than what i had experienced during and right after the surgery. The entire process took about 20 minutes in total. After removing the stitches, they cleansed my scars and wounds and I was given another deswelling treatment as well. Lastly, Dr Kim did a very careful and thorough check-up on me to ensure i was fine before flying home. I was given medications such as antibiotics to help with my recovery. In conclusion, I am very happy with Image Up. Not only that, I was very well taken care of in every aspect by the staff at Image Up, with my safety and well-being being their number one priority. And without their guidance, I would not have had such a quick recovery process. Speaking of good and reliable service, MISOODA was always there when i needed help from them. They even went extra miles in assisting me on certain areas. All I could say is without the deals from MISOODA, I would be paying a lot more to getting my dream surgery! I hope these pictures could give you an idea of how it would be like going through a surgery in Korea with Misooda and a clinic of your choice!
Hi everyone, today is exactly a week after my surgery. I went to ImageUp as scheduled to get the stitches on my nose, ear and face removed. I had also received a routine check-up at the clinic. After I had the stitches removed, I was given a free facial wash, which felt so refreshing and relaxing, at the facial department, followed by a de-swelling treatment. The clinic staff metioned that my recovery process was pretty fast and the post-op shapes of my face and nose had begun showing. As for my breasts, I could only remove the stitches on day 14. I must confess I am really happy with what i see so far and I am very excited to see the final result! Special thanks to MISOODA & IMAGE UP for offering me such an amazing package and facilitating the entire process effectively before even day 1. Post 10th day after my surgery my nose is still bruising and slightly swollen but my face is recovering very well. I could see the difference day by day. Four more days to go until the stitches in my mouth and on my breasts are removed. As for now I am still on a non-solid food diet.
The swelling at my face started to wear off but not significantly and the breast area did not hurt as much anymore, which meant my body body movement was faster and more flexible. I even went for a 10-min stroll to get some fresh air in the vicinity of my apartment.
On the second day, my face started to swell even more but it did not hurt. On the bright side the pain at my breast area started to gradually go away. Despite that, I still required help to get out of bed because i could not move pretty much my entire upper body without hurting my breast area