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Hello! I have always wanted to go to Korea to do the jaw reduction plastic surgery but every time I walk in to the clinic, I always got quoted very high. I was introduced to MISOODA and found a reasonable priced clinic with a suitable doctor at the same time. I have a squarish jaw and a relatively rounded chin, so when I take pictures my face looks kinda big. I don't think my features are ugly but somehow I feel a little imperfect.
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I used to get stressed taking pictures but not anymore! I can take any ad hoc pictures and still look good at all angles since my faceline got so much prettier!!
No stranger knew I had surgery done..I feel like my new life has begun!
This is how I look one month after surgery! I can go back to my usual activities, put make up and hang out with my pals. I can hardly see any major swelling then!
The clinic told me that having pumpkin porridge would be very helpful to reduce swelling post surgery, so I faithfully took pumpkin porridge almost twice a day!
1 week after surgery my swelling slowly reduced. When it was 3-5 days post surgery, my face was bigger than before due to swelling. The clinic did prep me that swelling will peak on the 3rd to 4th day but will gradually get better after a 1 week.
On surgery day, I actually didn't feel too much pain but just felt a little uncomfortable when I do certain some activities.
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