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I'm shy to say this but some people always said that im pretty. But I felt something that i'm lacking of. When I took pict with angle 45 degree my chin looks so big. Even I took v-line injection also doesn’t effect too much
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I took facial contour surgery and I didn’t feel uncomfortable even small point. I think that took surgery is good decision. my expression become more real ^^
first, I worried that I will facing difficulties with my activity because can said that I did big surgery, but recovery process go so fast, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable things.
: I think that I didn’t swollen that much compare other person. Some people still swollen even in their 4 weeks after surgery. But for me, on my 4 weeks after surgery I go out to café etc.
after surgery, my face so swollen and looks bigger than before. But not that big than I thought.
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wow~ i like your beauty face!! so natural ^^
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