Rhinoplasty Revision

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  • Surgery Category : Nose
  • Clinic name : GNG HOSPITAL
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  • Surgery date : Oct 03 2016
Hello, I am one of those few guys who decided to get rhinoplasty. A low nose has always been my concern, but ever since I got into an accident after surgery, my nose became crooked. I then have been wearing horn-rimmed glasses to distract people’s attention away from my nose and I developed a fear of talking to people up-close. My mind also started to become weak and get affected very easily when my friends teased me about it. Anyway since I’d already done surgery before I decided there was no harm doing it one more time, so I went around, and received consultations but was surprised to find out GNG also specialises in ear, throat, eyes department, which couldn’t be a more perfect choice for people like me who do surgery not just purely because of cosmetics purpose. Not only did I end up getting consultation from GNG, I was also looking at before and after pictures of real cases. My doctor took a look at my nose and was able to pinpoint the direction he was going to go for. This was when I felt like I could really trust GNG and needless to say, my mind was made.
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Some of the more recent pictures of me! There is no need for me to wear glasses anymore! Used to wear them a lot for show but now that I think my new nose is looking good kkk I can do without them! It feels really good to have my confidence back and being able to face people again. I think nose is definitely more important than eyes for a guy and I am very happy to have a nice nose!!!
Swelling is almost all gone by now, and there is no other side effects on the nose. I am satisfied. All I heard from people around me, be it my parents, or sisters and even friends, is I made a good choice doing my nose. My passive character is also starting to become better, and I no longer wear glasses that don’t even suit my face. People have been telling me I am becoming more of myself now kk and I think so too!! The bright and happy me has returned!
5 days have passed, I was finally able to remove stitches and cotton wool. I can see my nose better without the cotton sticking out at the sides. I think my doctor really did a good job. I already know I will be very satisfied with my new nose! Of course by now the swelling is gradually starting to go away. That doesn’t mean I can stop going for follow-up check ups or post-surgery treatments. I did the high oxygen pressure treatment and it was surprisingly quite effective. Swelling did go down quite a bit right after receiving treatment and I didn’t have to worry about infections. To quote the nurse, the higher the pressure the better it will help prevent scarring and infections, and the faster the swelling would go away. I didn’t really think into things that much to be honest but it was good to know! Anyway here are my selfies, swelling has really gotten a lot better, hasn’t it!
Had some matters to attend to so I went out wearing a hat and mask. I also had tapes on my nose and cotton wool so it was kind of suffocating but for the sake of my nose I decided to tolerate it nonetheless.
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