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  • Surgery Category : Nose
  • Clinic name : GNG HOSPITAL
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  • Surgery date : Mar 05 2016
I had a lot of people telling me I was pretty as a child, but something (they couldn’t really pinpoint what) was not right on my face. It turned out to be my nose. I’ve always had big nostrils, and a hooked nose with wide alars. So the thought of doing rhinoplasty have always crossed my mind. But obviously I am also aware of how irreversible a surgery can be so I wanted to make sure I did enough research before I proceed with it. I think it took me about a year, before finally deciding on GNG plastic surgery that also specializes in ear-nose-and-throat after looking at transformation pictures and reading reviews on their official website. During consultation, they also told me a lot of things I didn’t know before. The doctor and consultants made it really easy for me to understand as well. I learnt that it was because of my crooked nasal septum that causes one side of my nose to be blocked during each change of season. Prior to this consultation, I thought I had to maybe make a trip down to the ear, nose, throat department. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to find another hospital that is as professional as GNG hence decided to trust them. Since I was going to do a complicated procedure (deviated septum, rhinitis, nasal blockage) I had to be put under GA. I was surprised that I also had to do several comprehensive medical check up before actual surgery, even the after-surgery care was so detailed, I knew I was in good hands under GNG. Really couldn’t be more satisfied with my new nose!!! I strongly advise those who are also thinking of rhinoplasty, to do their research intensively, and make sure the hospital/doctor is professional in that are before deciding to do plastic surgery!!!
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i really love the final result. without swollen too much and great sense of art on my nose ^^
can you see how lovely the result?
An additional procedure to reduce the alar!
high bridge nose. s line nose. i really like it!
it's 3 weeks after surgery. there's still swollen on my face but it's doesn't disturb me too much.
Check up before surgery
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