Nose Revision Surgery (3 times)

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  • Surgery date : May 03 2016
Hello everybody!! I did my nose three times T_T Thought my personal experience would be of help to people so I decided to write it down so yes… I’ve received surgery at other places before. As you can tell from pictures, I have a short button nose. During my second surgery I had no choice but to remove the silicon due to an infection. Also just to mention, those clinics I had visited previously do not specialize in nose surgery. I only decided to do surgery with them because I was attracted by the affordable prices they offered! Even though I did end up regretting, it was still my choice so there was no point crying over spilt milk. So for my third surgery I was really determined to find the right clinic – one that specializes in nose, did lots of research and finally decided to do my surgery with GNG this time round.
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Since its been a while since I received surgery (and one that turned out well), I managed to spend a really meaningful summer!!! Depression hit me so bad last year I mainly just stayed at home and didn’t feel like doing anything much at all. But this year its different! I am back to my happy cheery self! Friends and family also agreed it was a good choice to get surgery done. Just wanna say a huge thank you to my doctor who has given me another chance to live life as before!!!
As you can see now, its no longer swelling anymore even from my side profile. My nose has more or less taken its place since 4 weeks means almost a month. Finally the ‘right’ nose on my face! My biggest worry after having received surgery 3 times is whether there would be any infections or side effects but thankfully there was none, maybe because of the fact I went to a hospital with their own ear-nose-throat department. I was more assured and even managed to solve my rhinitis issue. GNG also provides oxygen treatment during follow-up check up to help with swelling. I really should have done my research previously and wouldn’t have to do surgery 3 times… Sigh at least things are finally right now.
These are taken exactly 2 weeks after surgery. Swelling really subsided a lot right. It wasn’t obvious that I did surgery since I didn’t have any stickers or splints plastered on my face. Its only from the side profile that one can tell there is still some swelling. I have been heading out a lot and meeting friends ever since the swelling started to go away. I should have known earlier and save myself all that pain had I done my research thoroughly.
Swelling has subsided. Bruises have also started to turn yellow. It felt like I was able to breathe again after removing the cotton. I also injected fillers on my cheeks and chin to achieve that 3D dimensional look. So I feel there is really quite a dramatic change!!
Taken after I got home right after surgery. Its swelling a lot as I not only did my nose, I also did surgery to help cure rhinitis as well as to reduce my nostrils, as a result, my surgery process took longer and swelling was more serious compared to others. I also had to do skin transfer (to make my nose longer) so my recovery process was a rather slow one. This time round, I am really determined to make sure my nose surgery is a successful one (even though it may cost a little more), I also had to use my own cartilage. As it was quite a major surgery, I couldn’t just do it at the usual plastic surgery clinic, therefore I am glad I discovered GNG that has an in-house ear-nose-throat department.
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Happy your surgery finally turned out to be a success!!
2016-05-11 00:00:00 0
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3 times!!! Can't believe it!!!
2016-05-08 00:00:00 0
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