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  • Surgery date : Jul 14 2016
The tip of my nose has gradually been turning upwards ever since I had my first nose surgery, and it makes me look weird. People who see me would always be telling me my face looks dead or that I look like a foreigner because my nose was too sharp. You can see my nostrils in pictures, and the bridge of my nose also looks wide. I don’t look feminine at all. My sister did her nose at GNG, and I really like the shape of it so I also decided to make a trip there to receive consultation. I was told that it was because of the silicone that caused my nose to be in such state. Immediately decided on a surgery day right after consultation because I was worried the longer I leave it, the more upturned it would get.
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My face has really become so natural I can’t recall how my previous one is like. Really very satisfied with my revision surgery, my doctor did well!! I have been talking selfies so much these days as well. I was worrying so much before but now I couldn’t be happier! A big thank you to GNG from the bottom of my heart!!!
My image has completely changed now that is been a month. Friends who saw me were all telling me how pretty I have come. Truth is I feel the same about myself too (kkk)
I face many people everyday since I work in a service line. Previously I was so bothered by my face but I am very satisfied now that it has become so much more natural! To be honest I was quite concerned due to it being a revision surgery. Its nice that GNG really takes care of their customers, from consultations to aftercare!
Even though its only one week after surgery, I can tell my nose is already starting to looks natural. Its so feminine now!!! Still slightly swollen, but people are already telling me the line is a lot better than my previous nose. Hearing that puts in a very good mood!!
I have been going to the hospital and receiving treatment religiously. Really looking forward to putting make up again once the splint is removed.
Having one through nose surgery once, of course I know very well how painful it could be… But I shall endure. However, maybe because GNG also does follow up treatments, there wasn’t as much swelling and bruises as before.
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