Forehead fat grafting + Rhinoplasty

Connie Connie

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  • Surgery Category : Nose
  • Clinic name : GNG HOSPITAL
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  • Surgery date : Mar 04 2016
I’ve always hated my nose, and wished the tip was a little higher. Anyway I did fat grafting on my forehead and also used my own cartilage for my nose to create the desired effect. I was able to open up during consultation because my doctor was such a friendly guy. I’d even showed him the pictures of celebrities who have noses I want kkk which got me really excited, I was really looking forward to doing the surgery!! Other than a slight trembling before anesthesia, I was not anxious at all while waiting to go into the operating room.
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Thanks to the doctors and nurses at GNG, I am finally able to have a nice and natural nose that everybody is envious of. As my face has gotten smaller, I also began to regain confidence that I never had before. A big thank you to my doctor!!!
If I didn’t tell my friends that I have done something to my nose, they actually couldn’t really tell! I guess my surgery was a successful one after all, it looks so natural!!! As time goes by I can tell my face is becoming prettier and I am so happy! Makes me think I am such a fool for not undergoing plastic surgery earlier. My face has also become smaller so I am really satisfied!
There was still a bit of swelling at the tip of my nose, hence explains the curve but as the swelling goes away, it’ll gradually start to look like the kind of nose I’ve always dreamed of. I am so happy with my side profile now, it looks so different!!!
As GNG also has a ear, nose and throat department, it was convenient for me to receive certain treatments like the oxygen treatment. Please be extra careful when washing your face for those who did similar procedures as me. I took a shower after a week which got me panicking as my protection tapes came off while I was at it, so I immediately called the hospital and luckily they said it was alright.
I don’t know if its because of fat grafting that caused my eyes to be swelling so much. Compared to my left eye, my right eye was so swollen there were even bruisies. Fortunately it wasn’t as painful as it looked so I am relieved about that!
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