Chin + Rhinoplasty

Geraldine Geraldine

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  • Surgery Category : Nose
  • Clinic name : GNG HOSPITAL
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  • Surgery date : May 04 2016
Hello everybody!!! You guys might realise it later, I am actually an employee working at GNG hospital. Working alongside with doctor, I have seen him helped many patients and decided to also maybe fix my own complex one day, my chin and nose are my biggest problematic areas FYI. My face wasn’t exactly asymmetrical but I didn’t like how rugged my jaw line is. I’ve tried using filers but as it is a fundamental area of the face, it couldn’t be solved easily so I made up my mind to undergo surgery. Even though I know very well how the procedure works, it was still nerve-wrecking for me as my first time to receive consultation as a patient but luckily, I was able to relax thanks to my doctor and consultant. I didn’t have much bruises since my doctor did a good job, albeit a little shocked that I wasn’t swelling that much. Rested for 3 days before returning to work. My swelling did go down pretty fast, but the healing not so much. By right it should take about 2 weeks for the wounds to heal, but in my case I was still wearing tapes by the 3rd week. In conclusion, it was really a refreshing experience for me, now that the roles have been switched; from seeing so many patients to becoming one myself. I feel like I could understand the patients better now. Really very proud to be part of this GNG family!
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6 months after surgery. its really incredible. the result really awesome.
4 months after surgery
2 months after surgery
a month after surgery
2 weeks after surgery, swollen on my face seems really gone away.
i start to work before a week after surgery. you can see less swollen. and i can start to work immediately
my pics of 3 days after surgery.
Check-up before surgery and right after surgery
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