New V-Line, Zygoma Reduction & Rhinoplasty & Fat Graft

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Our patient here did New V-Line, Zygoma Reduction, Rhinoplasty and Fat graft at Girin Plastic Surgery. Her zygoma and mandible bone were wide & slight pug nose with hollow face. She really hoped to improve her face shape and look more feminine. During final consultation with Dr.Lee, she was worried about general anesthesia and side-effects. But we let her know we have an in-house anesthetist who takes care of patient during operation and our surgical procedures are advanced and won't cause any risk of side-effects. After reassuring her we proceeded with the surgery.
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Patient would get exact result after 3 to 6 months later. She feels quite satisfied with her natural & feminine face and nose shape.
Post-Operative 2 Weeks
Swelling and bruising start goes down rapidly after the 5th day, and stitches are removed as well (Rhinoplasty).
Post-Operative 3 Days
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