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Hello everybody, this is my first time writing a review but I’ll try my best! I did square jaw and cheekbone reduction surgery before and even though I really wanted to do chin prosthesis surgery too I was worried it would look too obvious I got something done to my chin. I hope this post would help those who are in similar situation as I was before. I’ve always wanted a more obvious jaw line, but I didn’t expect my first jaw surgery to not go well, which left me with a jutting chin as a result. I hated how weird my jaw looked, I was very distressed about it especially how obvious it was from the front I decided to get a square jaw revision surgery. I remember running all over places trying to find a hospital that would do such revision surgery and finally I went to the one that I could trust the most! Had to insert silicon as too much of my jaw was shaved off during the first surgery. I guess that's why they say the first surgery is really important.
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Swelling is almost completely all gone by the 4th and 5th month. No more jutting jaw and my chin is finally looking a lot more natural! My cheeks are still looking a bit round but I guess that will help make me look younger than my age.
The swelling has definitely gone down a lot and my face shape is slowly changing from a U to V! My problem is my right side... Jawline still doesn’t look quite as smooth. It still looks like its bulging out because of the swelling. The other side is getting so much better compared to the right.
  Time flies, it has been one month since I did my surgery! I live each day telling myself thhat swelling will all go away with time. They say swelling on the chin tends to take a while to go away I guess its because the swelling is exceptionally worse on that area probably because one has to shave the bone during surgery. I am, however, waiting patiently and looking forward to the day its all gone away!  Swelling has gone down a lot now that time passes. I am extremely paranoid as this is my second surgery and its one that I needed to be sure the results would turn out fine. Awaiting the day I get my V line face. You can tell the swelling is definitely still there from the font but from the side, I am glad I could still see a bit of V line!
 I have many people asking me if the second surgery felt similar to my first. My answer is, they are different. The hospital I did my first surgery at said they would do a revision surgery if needed but after having screwed up my first surgery I feel like I couldn’t trust them anymore, so I went to search for other hospitals that could help with doing my revision surgery. Also... I am sorry I can’t reveal where I did my first surgery as I don’t wish to get into trouble. Hope you guys understand. Swelling didn’t go down as much as I thought so I am a little disappointed. Did a CT scan before I got discharged... Just to make sure there is no jutting chin anymore. There was still some swelling where it was before but luckily once its all went away, my jaw line becomes very smooth. The other side of my face also looks very natural now that the jutting chin is gone. Other than really wanting to get rid of my jutting chin, I’ve also wanted badly to remove the silicon implant in my chin, now that I’ve fixed that, my chin definitely looks smaller now! I am very satisfied with my revision surgery results, though there is still some swelling left. Just wanna say I am also very thankful to those who have given me their support and have left kind words!!
 Feels like the swelling was so yesterday compared to my chin before surgery. Today is the 5th day after surgery and I feel like it has gotten smaller, just this tiny change alone means a lot to me!!  How I look like after removing bandage~ Can’t really tell if the swelling has gone away yet right? Really hope the swelling on the sides would go away soon!  Got to wear my bandage before making a trip to hospital~ Surprisingly there are also those who say its okay to not wear them all the time. In my case I was told to wear them often at the beginning but as time went by, I didn’t have to wear them as often anymore so gonna wear them until today that is! There are people who didn’t like wearing them because of tightness but I didn’t mind as I feel like wearing it would help to make me become prettier when fully recovered.  Used to feel a bone whenever I tried to feel my jaw last time, but now its like I am touching my own flesh. Even went to the hospital and had them double checked via a CT scan, my jutting chin is definitely gone!!!
You guys know that the 3rd day is always the worst right? My lips is all swollen up like a carp’s.  I also started to take walks by now, the weather has been really good these days, its such a waste to just coop up at home and eat pumpkin porridge. Besides talking walks will help the swelling to go down sooner right? Living everyday with hope that the swelling will go away soon!
This is taken right after surgery! Took some photos as soon as I lied down after waking up from anesthesia! Since this is my second surgery, I wanted to document each moment and try to take as many pictures as possible.  I wonder if its because this was my second surgery that I didn’t feel as bad as the first, I just felt like I had a bit of motion sickness.