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I used to get so stressed out about my face shape last time! My chin was too wide and I also suffered from a short chin. It always felt like everyone else except for me has a V line face shape when I look around my surroundings. I had to always edit my face shape to V line before setting it as a profile picture but the more I did that the more depressing it felt so I thought of receiving a consultation and putting in a lot of effort in reading up on plastic surgery reviews. I finally decided to do genioplasty with Faceline Plastic Surgery. Even though I’d long already made up my mind to do something about my chin I could still remember how nervous and surreal it felt on the day I was finally going to do my surgery. Since we all only live once, I decided to trust my doctor and proceed with the surgery anyway!
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I received many compliments from people, saying that I have gotten so pretty that they can’t recognise me. Most of them couldn’t even tell I’ve had something done on my jaw because it really looks so natural! I can’t believe that the person I see in the mirror now was also the very same person who once had to edit her pictures! My surgery was very well done!
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Square jaws seem like the most common problem Korean girls face lol
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She did her eyes too right???
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