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The distance between my eyes was very far from each other and because of that, I was told that my impression is very strong and fierce-looking. I decided to have my double eyelid surgery at Dream plastic surgery. During the consultation I was recommended non-incision double eyelid surgery and was told that I will have a more feminine look after that! I booked my surgery right after and was looking forward to my results. I had little swelling right after surgery. My mom was very amazed about it! I also did ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty together with double eyelid surgery. Epicanthoplasty turned out really really natural as if it was originally already there. I am very satisfied with the results. My first impression is much softer than before and it is so much easier to wear eye makeup now. I used to wear jeans and hoodies all the time but I started to look for more feminine clothes since I started to put on more makeup on my pretty eyes. There was only one minor discomfort I would like to mention was that it stings during the stitches removal. The post-surgery recovery was pretty much of a breeze. I paid about $2,600 USD for doing 3 procedures - double eyelid, ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty, probably not the cheapest but the results are amazing!
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I like it !!!
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it looks so natural!
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Anything special you did to speed up the healing process?
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The image of your eyes looks so different now!
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Looks good!!
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