Hidden eyelids and Forehead fat grafting

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I didn't think much about PS until I was introduced to it through a good friend. I had droopy, hidden and thick eyelids that caused my eye liner to always smudge. My under-eye dark circles were bad and I had a flat forehead. I didn't consider myself ugly but who wouldn't want to look a little prettier? I've always thought that dark circles were more difficult to correct than eye bags since it was the discoloration of the skin until I met with Dr Park of Dream. He was a charming and kind doctor. He knew I was rather conservative and wasn't ready for the incision method. He advised non-incision lids and a slight epicanthoplasty cut together with fat grafting at the forehead and under eyes. You could see in the photos that I didn't have bad swelling at the upper lids (only the first week) but the fat grafted under the eyes took a longer time to heal (about 2-3 weeks). My double lids were not a lot higher since I wanted to still look like myself except a little more enhanced. (from iphone to iphone plus? lol^^) Post 1 year since my surgery and I haven't regretted doing the surgery at all. Due to work travels I often go to Korea and upkeep my skin maintenance. I am already planning my next surgery now that I've found Misooda. Doing make up is so much easier, looking good can make you feel so much more confident about yourself! My advice to people who haven't tried Plastic surgery; since not many online sites shares doctors' expertise and years of experience, do proper research before going over or speak with medical tourism agencies. You have only one life~ lead a beautiful one!
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Your nose is so nice!! Did you also get your nose done?
2017-03-07 00:00:00 0
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How long does your fat grafting last?
2017-02-21 00:00:00 0
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Honestly, I was also kind of skeptical about plastic surgeries procedure myself.. Especially after seeing and hearing from numerous failed procedures that appeared on TV shows. However, if I am to be given a chance to try PS myself one day, I guess I will. Most importantly is to get a trustworthy and honest doctor, as this would definitely give you confidence (knowing that your “future” will totally rely on him/her).. lol. Anyway this eye procedure done really looked so natural and pretty! With the forehead fat grafting done too really enhanced the features well. Total loves. ^^
2017-02-18 07:13:19 0
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