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I think these days not only female doing cosmetic surgery now days the perspectiveof goodlooking face have increased and people is getting higher expectation of how their looking that is why I think many young man choose korea to be their medical destination because of its reputation do you still think the korean boy idol you see all born with good looking face? Most of them actually had surgery and the thing Is they don’t mind the fact to be exposed to public.i went to korea hospital and I have consutation with the doctor while having discussion I tell them what I really want n the most important think in my perception big eyes has no attraction in man face so beside of having eyelid surgery choose to make my eyes look longer
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Don’t you think I look like korea idol to be now?hehe, I think the doctor advices it is so important compare to big eyes with eyelid the cat ayes I have looks more attracting for me!
the swollen on my face has clearly gone and my eyes also getting better
Everything is under recovering but now you still cant see the v line but my eyes have significant transformation of the length!
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