Nose Augmentation + Face Liposuction

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Since the nose position is in the center of the face it is very important to have a nice shaped nose. I have a very low nose and what makes it worse is the size of my face! I have always dreamt of having a small n pointy nose for my surgery and finally decided to go to Cheongdam DEESSE hospital to have my nose job n face lipo done!
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I have erased all my old picwitures and I love taking my new pretty selfies! In my opinion if you want to be pretty you have to put in some effort. Never compare with others or try to look like famous actress but try to understand that your own face has its own character and your unique looks will make you feel special. I never could have imagined how natural -looking a surgery could turn out!
This is me with almost 90 percent recovery!!
One week after the operation I had my first full make up on my face. You can't see chubby fatty face in the pictures right!?
When you see the pictures you will recognize my nose doesn’t swell badly. I think the practitioner's skills are very important at this point. I could obviously see my chin become so much smaller after the liposuction, and thankfully there were no side effects in my case!
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