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Lip correction surgery is still not familiar and popular amongst people out there. Actually I think the lip shape is as important as doing the eyes and nose, and in Korea the lip correction surgery has already become a trend. I have been unsatisfied with the appearance with my lips a long time back. My upper lip is not pretty and my lip philtrum looks long. After researching on safety and best results, I chose Deesse plastic surgery for my lip lifting surgery. Before the surgery my long philtrum makes me look so much older than my actual age, and my corner lips looks like its hanging down the whole time which I really hate. My friends always say I look sad and I never liked mt lips.
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I think I am almost fully recovered. All my friends tell me that I give a much softer and prettier feel and it looks so natural! I really liked looking at my own lips in the mirror now! The long philtrum has disappeared forever and this new look made me look much younger than before!
The corner on my upper lips is recovering very quickly, I think it looks much better now!
All the bruises has gone now but still a little bit scarring left on my upper lip.
Just right one week after the procedures, I can see the obvious change of shape of my lips. Now it looks higher and fuller, although there is still some swelling. I actually feel happy and somewhat excited!
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