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I’ve always felt conscious of my wide face and always used my hair to cover the sides of my square jaw. I usually edit my pictures using phone apps until I consulted with Deesse plastic surgery hospital. I took a CT scan after I arrived at the hospital. The CT helped me understand my consultation better. Some of you may wonder why didn’t I have a genioplasty instead of a chin implant? Deesse facial contouring doctor explained that I didn’t have much of a chin to do genioplasty and may look unnatural afterwards, therefore I was recommended using a chin implant instead
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It’s been 2 months post facial contouring and my friends and I have gotten used to my face no. Ever since I returned from Korea, people have been saying that I’ve slimmed down and that my face looked slimmer but no one would think that I have actually reduced my zygoma and jaw bone! I am very satisfied with the results as I see a difference yet not looking unnatural like online influencers.
I think most swelling is gone and recently people have been complimenting that I have slimmed down, not suspecting that I have done surgery at all. I really like this naturalism and I am so happy that I can confidently put my hair behind my ears now where I used to always cover with my hair.
I finally removed stitches after 14 days and I think my swelling has gone down quite a bit! I still take semi solids since I can’t open my jaw very widely, however I have kind of gotten used to it. I am so looking forward to my results!!
I take walks like 2-3 times a day to aid the healing process. I can’t open my mouth very wide and have only been taking liquids. The pain was also getting better than the first 3-4 days. I was asked to go to the clinic every day for some laser to help swelling go down as well as gentle cleaning inside my jaw.] Although I am still swelling, I could already feel my face getting smaller and looking more feminine.
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