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I am like other ordinary girl who tends to be vainer as i age. I don't have a wide face but from pictures, you can tell that my forehead is relatively narrow, my lower jaw is looking wide and both my left and right face are unbalanced. Somehow I don't look sophisticated at all and over the years, I have always been bothered by my unfeminine face shape. I finally decided to do my facial contouring surgery.
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I wake up everyday looking more feminine and sophisticated. Not many people could tell what has been done but my friends all thought that I looked fresher and somewhat younger! I love taking selfies now that every angle of me just looked perfect! No regrets to my facial contouring at all  thank you Misooda ^^
My swelling is almost all gone! However I do experience some mild numbness on my chin area. My beauty dream is finally coming true! One thing to note post surgery is not to eat spicy and hot food as the wounds in your mouth are really sensitive and you don’t want to burn yourself.
Can you see that my swelling has already gone down a lot? The head band given post contouring was pretty uncomfortable but I was very determined on my results and decided to persevere. I was instructed to keep the head band on for at least 2 weeks for 24 hour to hold its shape. After 2 weeks post surgery, I just needed to wear the band only when I am at home. The band also helps in a quicker recovery and reduces swelling.
I can see my facial shape getting smaller even when wearing the facial band. My friends around me could tell that I looked softer and more feminine. However, I think my swelling reduces slower than other people
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